What Washington does to Encourage Attendance

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Last month, the Pendleton School District focused on attendance. The district-wide goal for attendance is 94%, while Washington Elementary currently has a 95% rate.

According to Aimee VanNice, Principal at Washington:

At Washington Elementary, we have the TAPP Grant (Tribal Attendance Pilot Project). This grant allowed us to hire Brent Spencer, whose role is to track our Native American attendance and serve as a family advocate in an effort to improve our Native American Attendance. 

Every Thursday, our attendance team meets to track all student attendance. We focus on students with at-risk attendance, provide positive feedback and encouragement when their attendance increases and talk to families who struggle to increase attendance to find out how we can support them.

We also have the Every Day Matters reward system. Each day that classrooms have 95% of students attending, they get to mark a letter, and when they fill the Every Day Matters, they receive recognition and rewards as a class.

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