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Our office hours are 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. You may call the school office at 541-276-2241.

Position Name Email
Principal Aimee VanNice
Assistant Principal Brenda Giesen
Secretary Kimi Carlson
Grade 1 Lisa Cope
  Jen DeGrofft
  Liz Nirschl
  Cory O'Neill
Grade 2 Carolyn Bessette
  Angela Bork
  Holly Krokosz
  Rene Levy
Grade 3 Adele Corey
  Andrea Cress
  Katie Stern
Grade 4 Deanna Cockburn
  Michelle Herburger
  Maureen McLaughlin
  Beth Naughton
Grade 5 Hollie Chay
  Kaitlin Duke
  Kathy Gregory
  Stephanie Smith
Family Advocate Brent Spencer
School Psychologist Deirdre Bradley
English Language Learner Specialist Cary Varela
Vocal Music Jill Scanlan
Indian Education Sally Kosey
Physical Ed Specialists    
PE Specialist Terry Prouse
Speech/Language Whitney Porter
Child Development Specialist Corrina Robinson
Learning Center/
Special Ed.
Maria Davis
  Katie Gillem
  Sally Ladd
  Janet Vaupel-Moody
Educational Assistants Connie Blair
  Jenny Broadfoot
  Yvonne Carnes
  Charlotte Chicha
  Kimbra Cook
  Debbie Delph
  Rachelle Doherty
  Melissa Herman
  Julie Jones
  Stacey Jacobs
  Shelly McAlary
  Noele Mead
  Debra Rasmussen
  Colette Spratling
  Anne Stump
  Deana VanSickle
  Becky Youngman
Building Maintenance Darla Patterson

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