OMSI Program Encourages Love of Science

girl student and OMSI representative

Students at Washington Elementary enjoyed two presentations by the OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) Outreach program on Thursday, November 30.

The morning assembly for 4thand 5thgraders was about “Electrifying Science.” Students learned that common household electricity can levitate objects, set them ablaze, make them glow and even make your hair stand on end. The assembly taught them about static electricity, atoms, electrons, conductors and insulators.

The afternoon presentation for 1st through 3rd graders focused on the states of matter – solid, liquid and gas. In his introduction, Chuck Barnes from OMSI encouraged students to always be curious about the world around them and science. “At OMSI, we want people to know and understand science. Science is a beautiful way to enrich your brain,” Barnes said.

Throughout the afternoon assembly, he asked several student volunteers to come forward to help demonstrate the properties of matter. By using tools and chemicals including a plasma ball, dry ice and liquid nitrogen, Barnes showed how fun science can be. Students enjoyed the dry ice “bubbles” and the flattened liquid nitrogen balloons. The grand finale was provided by Barnes and teacher Liz Nirschl, who created a loud “boom” from a hydrogen gas balloon.

There was also an OMSI Family Night on Thursday evening at the school, entitled React-O-Blast and attended by about 80 people.

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