Parent's Club Information

Parent Club Meetings will be the first Wednesday of every month

Thank-you for all your support!

Washington Wildcat Booster News

The Washington Wildcat Booster Club is comprised of parents and teachers. The club's main purpose is to support school functions through volunteer assistance and/or special funding, and to provide special activities, which enrich the school experience for children. Please contact our office at 276-2241, if you have any questions.

Parent Club Members

Name Phone Email
President: Niki Naughton
Treasurer: Tracy Pozar    
Secretary: Brittney Jackson    
Aimee VanNice (Principal) 541-966-3551
Mandy Cambell 541-377-0650 278-2301
Noel Mead 503-758-4933
Bailey Harter 503-877-0955
Chrissy Nelson 541-571-8138  
Brenda Geisen 541-377-1356
Mindy Bonifer 541-571-6204
Chelsea McQueen 360-356-5590
Jocelene Thomas 541-990-3216
Jim Thomas 541-990-0811